Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Favorites

I know this is kind of early for a February Favorite but I haven't updated in a while so why not? My goal is to do this every month so here's my first monthly favorites!
My first purchase is a bag from H&M, and I'm really satisfied because I finally bought myself a bag! I've been eyeing on this forever and I finally got it! It was a bit pricey but I needed one since my Urban Outfitters one is like falling apart and I haven't bought myself a bag in a while. I just bought this yesterday so I haven't had a chance to take it out but I'm excited to!

This plaid shirt is also purchased from H&M, but got it on a different day. I was actually supposed to look for a dress for Senior Breakfast but that failed so I just went shopping for other stuff and I found this! I looked at it and thought I HAD to buy it. I have no baggy flannel so I'm still searching! But hey this is close enough. But I'm still aiming for a plaid skirt.

For my AP Literature class we're assigned to choose a book we want to read and write a research paper on it. So I chose Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami. For a long time I've wanted to read his book because I've heard so much about him, especially 1Q84. But this book is still considered his most famous so I gave this a try. But after reading this hopefully I can read IQ84 in the summer. I usually don't read book besides the ones assigned during school because I don't have much free time but this is a perfect opportunity to read his books. I only read a little more than half but I still highly recommend it. It's really trippy and interesting, it's not your average book!

Thanks from checking out my first monthly favorites and I promise I'll update my blog as much as possible. If you would like please follow me on instagram @euniceeerhee and my tumblr. thanks guy!

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